Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I'm worn

It was just the other day (or a couple weeks ago) that I happened to be listening to the radio in the car. I very rarely ever do, but on this day I turned it on and this song "I'm Worn" by Tenth Avenue North came on.  I had never heard it before and they didn't say who sang it, so I went to the office and googled part of the lyric "...let me know redemption wins...". This is the kind of Christian music that I can listen to. I like this song.

And a funny story about this band... Several years ago (somewhere between 2 and 10) a friend of mine sent me a demo cd of Tenth Avenue North. I think they were friends with someone in the band, or they're from their hometown, or something. They thought I might like them. To be honest though, I never did even listen to the cd. So that's kind of ironic. I don't know any other songs of theirs, but I like this one. I might like other ones too - that's not what I'm saying - I'm just not very up on current Christian music.

Anyway, here is a link to the song "I'm Worn." And also a link that contains the band explaining how they came to write the song:

I'm Worn - with lyrics: http://youtu.be/-METBrlP3xU

I'm Worn (live) - with story: http://youtu.be/CEHRolhlScY

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