Sunday, April 07, 2013

New luggage

I've always thought I had a lot of baggage, but that didn't stop us from buying a couple new suitcases yesterday. We bought a giant purple suitcase (so it will be easier to spot on the carousel at airports), as well as a black carry-on suitcase. Both are American Tourister. We had seen them on sale at Meijer's for a few weeks and finally decided to take the plunge before the sale was over. We've never had nice luggage before. I think what we had was from Walmart like a gillion years ago. Jane wanted to get this lightweight set from Steinmart but I thought it was too flimsy. However, I never thought about the weight requirement. The giant purple suitcase we got weights 11 pounds empty. Hopefully it won't be too much of a problem. But we did want to get a big suitcase for flying - something we can put both of our stuff in. And the reason we got a black carry-on is because if I ever have to use it by myself I didn't really want to be wheeling around a little purple suitcase. Btw, both of them have the four wheels. Our old ones only had two. So... we'll see.

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