Thursday, May 30, 2013

Doctor visit

I had a scheduled doctor visit yesterday. It had been 3 months since I started on the Zoloft (sertraline). I told him it was doing "ok." The ocd is much better, but I still have low periods. He said I could bump it up to 75 or 100 mg if I wanted. He said the normal adult dosage is 100 mg. He just usually starts people at 50 to see how they do with the side effects. I was kind of glad to hear that, because I was beginning to wonder if maybe it just wasn't working.

I also told him that I'd had 2 migraine headaches last week (Tuesday and Friday), and since then I've kind of had a lingering "nuisance" headache in the front of my forehead, behind my eyes, and so forth. He said it was likely allergies. I take otc Allegra now, and he suggested maybe trying otc Zyrtec. He said Zyrtec is a little stronger than Allegra (and Allegra a little stronger than Claritin). That's why Zyrtec causes drowsiness. He also wrote me a new prescription for the Nasonex (which I was already using, but my script had run out).

I am supposed to go back in 3 months (8/28/13).

My weight was 158 - which was a pound heavier than last time - but I think it may be due to lifting weights as much as anything (well, and eating too much junk food lately). I'd like to drop 10 pounds.

My blood pressure was 128/82. So I was pretty happy with that.

Current medicines:
- OTC Allegra
- Nasonex 50 mcg (1 spray each nostril per day)
- 50 mg Zoloft (sertraline)

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MR said...

I eventually attributed the swelling of my sinuses to my occasional migraine and (knock on all the wood I can find) I don't believe I've had one since I went from Allegra to Allegra-D for the decongestant. That was about the time I also found out most people can breathe through BOTH nostrils during the warm months. So not only allergy relief, but more air, too. re: your new prescription, don't be surprised if Jane notices stuff you don't. My gf tended to withdraw and started to take something for it. One day at the Cracker Barrel (mmmm... now I want CB)she greeted the waitress, asked questions and ordered with some light conversation and kidding around. The waitress AND my gf were wondering why I was picking up my jaw.