Saturday, May 25, 2013

Haircut, yard work, and stuff

I got a haircut yesterday. I didn't really need it, but we have another wedding this weekend. Whatever. I went to the usual place, and I thought I was going to get the girl that does a really nice job, but instead Billeen dinked around until I got her. She did okay, but she seemed hesitant to cut too much off. I'm just about ready to buzz it all off. We'll see. I don't think I want to do anything too drastic after shaving so recently. My last haircut was April 16th. So just over a month ago.

Btw, I did actually shave today. The day before I just used the clippers to cut the beard off.

I also mowed the lawn and then used the weed eater. First I trimmed weeds, then I flipped the thing sideways and edged the sidewalks. Then I raked and swept up all the little windmill things from the maple trees that seem to have overtaken the yard. I filled the trash bin half full with them.

We stopped by to see the kids last night and Anna wouldn't come near me for a long time (without the beard). I felt bad for her. I'm sure she will get over it, but I still regret shaving.

There is presently a squirrel party going on in the front tree. There are like 5 squirrels chasing each other around.

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MR said...

Your chin IS kinda scary. Just be sure you're the one who hands her the Frosty next time. "Chocolate?! All is forgiven!"