Monday, May 06, 2013

Iron man 3

Jane and I went to the movie theater last night and saw the new Iron Man III. It had one of the best opening weekends of all movies. I thought it was... okay; but not great. I like Robert Downey Jr., but there seemed to be a little too much 'Tony Stark' and not enough 'Iron Man' to me. I also thought separating the two from each other wasn't a good idea. But what do I know. It was still an enjoyable evening.

The worst part was at one point Jane thought she'd left her purse in the bathroom. She couldn't find it in her seat and just kind of bolted out and ran down to the restroom. She wasn't even at the bottom of the stairs and I reached under her seat and found it, but it was during the movie and there was no way to notify her without disrupting things. So I figured she would be right back when she didn't find it in the restroom. I didn't think about her going to see the manager and whatnot. Just as I was about to get up and carry her purse down the steps and out into the hall to look for her she finally reappeared and was very much relieved to see that I had her purse. Still a good night.

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JAH said...

Maybe I need to go back to carrying giant purses. This one is getting hard to keep track of.