Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Trip home, mother's day, funeral, and 30th anniversary

We spent a few days at my parent's house in Buda this past weekend. There was a shindig ('spring fling') at Brothers in Sheffield Saturday night, my parents had a few things they wanted me to do, and then Jane had an aunt who died and the funeral was Tuesday in Dixon, IL. Tuesday was also our 30th Wedding Anniversary. So we headed for Buda Saturday morning, and got back late last night. It was a pretty good trip.

Saturday we left late in the morning and went through Chicago again. Once again we made it in about 4 1/2 hours. We visited with the parents awhile, had Casey's pizza for supper with them, and then went over to Sheffield. There weren't too many people at the 'Spring Fling,' but there was a good crowd there to hear Windjam take the stage from 9-midnight. We saw some old friends and had an okay time. We closed the place down and had Butch's pizza at 1:30 am (which would have been 2:30 our time).

Sunday we went to Bunker to church with my parents. It's always weird going there, but we don't really know very many people there still. It is just like our church (and probably most churches), so many people have left, and new people come, that it's not at all like it used to be. Anyway, after church we went out to the country club for a Mother's Day brunch, then went back to the parents house. I mowed their lawn - since my mom isn't able to mow yet (due to her foot pain from shingles) - we took a nap, and actually went to bed pretty early.

Monday we didn't get up until after 8 am, so we got over 10 hours of sleep that night. It felt good. Might have had something to do with sleeping in the two twin beds. They are more comfortable than the double bed in the orange room. Anyway, we dinked around most of the day. We helped my parents put the carpet down on the back patio, put up a solar motion light (which didn't seem to work yet), and I mowed the yard once again. It was so high on Sunday that I had to raise the deck, so I lowered it down and mowed it again. I also ran the weed eater. It looked much better. My dad had mowed it the last time and I could see where he just completely missed big patches. Plus he mows with the riding mower instead of the push mower. Anyway, after that we ended up taking a 2-hour nap in the afternoon. We kind of just hung around the house again, went to Dixon to her aunt Doris's visitation, and once again went to bed around 10 pm.

Tuesday was our wedding anniversary, and I forgot to get Jane a card. I thought I did good remembering a Mother's Day gift and card (Charleston Chews and an arm band holder for her iphone), but I completely spaced out about the anniversary card even though I knew full well it was our anniversary. Oh well. We got up around 7 and started packing, and then left around 9:45 am to go the funeral for Jane's aunt. There was a decent crowd. It started at 11 am, was done about 11:30; then we went to the cemetery and back to a place in downtown Dixon called the Post Ballroom. It was a big old reception hall. We had a nice lunch. We sat next to a couple who used to be good friends with some people from Bluffton, IN (they have since passed away). We visited with some of Jane's relatives (and brothers) and left for home around 1:30 pm. We took rt. 52 through Amboy and Mendota down to Interstate 80. We stopped at a little gas station in Amboy and changed into more comfortable clothes. And this time when we went through Chicago, instead of taking the 80-90 tollway we followed I-94 into Indiana and took exit 26A to catch route 49 down to route 30. It saved us a 60 cent toll, but otherwise wasn't any quicker. That way there was just the one toll of $1.10 though. We got into Fort Wayne a little after 7 pm and just went straight to a restaurant to get some food. We saw some good friends there, who bought us a couple drinks for our anniversary, and then got home way too late and unpacked and went to bed.

Around 10 pm I got a phone call and text message that someone from church had passed away. So I suppose that was a fitting way to end a nice relaxing trip back home.

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