Thursday, May 16, 2013

Locked out at a day game

Yesterday I went to another Tincaps day-game at Parkview Field. I needed to send a text after I parked (along Ewing Street) and when I sent it I just got out and shut the car door. When I put my phone in my pocket I realized that I'd forgotten to take the keys out of the ignition. Dang. I haven't locked my keys in the car in a long time. I often don't even lock it, but I did this time. So... I just went ahead and went to the game and called Jane and asked if she had a lunch time today. I got some popcorn (lunch) and watched  part of the game, then Jane came by with my extra key probably an hour or so later. So it worked out fine.

I don't think I will attend anymore of these day games though. Just like last week there were a MILLION screaming kids at this game. I guess it's a big thing for elementary and middle schools to take field trips to these day games. Certainly it's a good way to keep attendance up, but I would just as soon not have to deal with it myself.

I did actually talk to someone yesterday. I had a standing-room-only ticket ($5) but they have tables and chairs in various places beyond the outfield. I saw a lone guy sitting at a table just beyond the third base line and asked if anyone was sitting with him. So we chatted a bit. Pretty soon I got a text from Jane that she was on her way so I sat along Jefferson in front of O'Reilly's on a bench and waited for her. I went back to game after I got my key, but I just walked around after that.

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