Saturday, June 15, 2013

New license plates

We got new license plates for both our cars this week. If I remember correctly these are the first set of plates since we moved here in 1999. So apparently you get new plates every..... 14 years? That seems like an odd number. Oh well.

The old ones were dark blue with white letters. These are a little prettier. They are white with black letters, a blue "Indiana", and a yellow stripe at the bottom commemorating Indiana's Bicentennial from 1816 to 2016. On the left is a little Indiana map with the star circle.

Pretty exciting stuff around here, huh?

We did have a nice time at Ribfest last night. We went for supper (I had the beef brisket and Jane the pulled pork) and stayed past midnight and listened to some blues music. Joanna Shaw Taylor was pretty good, and whoever she was playing with, and the final band of the night was a ZZ Top cover band "Eliminator." They had the long beards like ZZ Top. Apparently one of the guys used to live in Fort Wayne. They were okay. We did at least see some people we knew there. We spent most of the night with Clay and Tasha. Very nice people. We also saw Pat and Amanda and chatted with them briefly. Now I'm getting ready to go back downtown and run the first Ribfest 5k. Ugh... I wish I hadn't stayed out so late now. Jane has it even worse though - she has to go to work. Hopefully the rain will at least hold off. This will be my first 5k this year. I'm not looking to break any records or anything.

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