Friday, June 14, 2013

Five things friday

1. Ribfest has started in Fort Wayne. This is perhaps my favorite festival. Mostly because of the blues music, but also the food. I went for a little bit yesterday afternoon - to pick up my packet for the 5k on Saturday. I always try to find free parking whenever I can downtown. For events at Headwater Park I will often park next to the skate park at Lawton Park and walk across the beautiful MLK bridge. It is a much nicer walk across the river with the new bridge. Sometimes we will park at the Calhoun St. cul-de-sac too, or at Friemman Square, or on Berry Street at a meter (if it's at night or on the weekend).

2. I am supposed to run my first 5k of the year tomorrow morning, and I don't feel ready at all. I just can't seem to get my legs, and my knees are off-and-on sore. I'm sure I can make it - I still run 3-4 miles on most days - but I wouldn't be surprised if I end up walking a bit. At least I got 2 free Ribfest tickets, and the t-shirts were pretty nice (even if they are bright orange).

3. We had the Feipel's here overnight on Wednesday. There was supposed to be a big storm coming through that could result in tornados and whatnot (I think they call it a derecho or something). The weather people tried to freak everyone out, but it never materialized. Anyway, they all came over and spent the night, mostly because Drew had to go to work at 11:30 pm. Of course he had to take a taxi to Chicago (so he could bring a train back to FW), which meant he was heading right into the storm. Apparently it was just heavy rain and all was well.

4. I called in and got a prescription for 100 mg zoloft yesterday, so I don't have to take 2 of the 50 mg ones anymore. It is still waiting for me to pick it up at the pharmacy.

5. I have absolutely no inclination whatsoever to watch TV during the day. I suppose it is partly because we don't have cable, but I just don't have any desire. We don't even watch it very much at night anymore. I am also not on the computer very much anymore. I try to check things in the morning and afternoon, and usually again at night. And I haven't played the guitar yet, and I kind of stopped journaling and reading too. Yet somehow I'm still managing to keep myself busy.

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