Friday, July 05, 2013

Five things friday

1. We didn't do much for the 4th of July. We were going to go to a Tincaps game, and even went down at 3 o'clock to get tickets, but they were already sold out... of even standing-room-only tickets. I guess they had a record crown of 8780 (or something like that).

2. The 4th has never been quite as celebratory for us as for most people. For one thing it is the day that Jane's dad passed away. I think it's been 32 years now. For another, we don't seem to get invited to a lot of parties.

3. This is the second week of Jane's vacation, and we have been sleeping in every day. I mean like sleeping until 10 am. We haven't done that since our teens and early twenties. I think it is making me lazier though.

4. We have not been to a church service for 3 straight weeks. I don't think that has happened since the late 80's. It seems weird. It wasn't really by choice - vacation and travels kind of interfered - but I can see how once you stop it is that much easier to just disregard it completely. We will go somewhere this Sunday.

5. My guitar and amp are still sitting in the same spot I put them when I brought them home from the church two months ago. I can't say that I've really missed it.


MR said...

w/re: to number 2, you're invited to a party Saturday. 8am, haha.

dan horwedel said...

I may be a tad late. :)