Saturday, July 06, 2013

The secret restroom

I have been going to write about this a number of times, and since we went to a Tincaps game last night I thought I better do it while thinking of it. I'm not sure how long the Tincaps have been playing downtown at Parkview Field... maybe 3 or 4 years... and I have attended a good number of games each year. It wasn't until a month or so ago that I noticed this one particular men's room though. It is nestled along the concourse sort of behind home plate, and I just never noticed it. Apparently a lot of other people haven't either because there are hardly ever any other people in it. It is also way bigger and nicer than any of the other restrooms I know of there. So, even though there is no shortage of facilities at Parkview Field, this is by far the nicest place to "go." Jane and I refer to it as the "secret restroom"... even though it's not really a secret. I just don't think a whole lot of people know about it. I doubt that my 'outing' it on the blog here will change that much, but if you find it as a result... you're welcome.

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