Friday, August 16, 2013

Dentist and bookshelves

I had a dentist appointment yesterday - just for a cleaning and checkup. No cavities and altogether it only took just over 20 minutes. Cleanings go much quicker every 6 months rather than waiting 10 years like my last time. I always get the mint polish instead of the cinnamon.

After the dentist I finally put together the shelves in the basement. I bought 3 12 foot long 1x10's and used 8 cinder blocks to separate them. Altogether it cost almost exactly $50 for the boards and blocks. I made a little base out of 1x2's for under the bottom board. I didn't want it to sit on the ground. I think it will work out okay, but it's going to take me forever to get all the books sorted out. We also have 3 smaller bookshelves and I would like to maybe put all of one type of book in each bookshelf. We'll see. I also hope to get rid of a lot of books at some point too.


Jim Lehmer said...

I shouldn't tell you that during my Christmas vacation last year I actually labelled and sorted all my religion books by Dewey decimal number (yes, yes, I know - OCD unleashed). I ended up liking it, though, because it put some books in different groupings than I had them before and caused me to think about the categories and subject matters differently.

dan horwedel said...

Wow. Feel free to crash in my basement a few days and do the same with my books. :) Good for you!