Saturday, August 17, 2013

Doctor visit again, migraine, bachelor

I had to go back to the doctor again yesterday after just having been there on Wednesday (doctor, dentist, doctor - 3 successive days). Originally the doctor thought my headaches were caused by my high blood pressure (caused by stress), but I was still having some serious headaches (on the right side of my forehead, as well as my right eye, and my right upper jaw). It was just nasty, nasty pain. It wasn't constant, but when it was there I just wanted to beat my head against the wall. So I called first thing in the morning and they had an 11:15 opening.

The good news is that my blood pressure was down to 130/84. Then the doctor said he thinks I've had some kind of migraine 'variant' since it is so specifically located. In other words - I had a migraine every stinking day last week! Ugh. No wonder I felt so beat up. So... he gave me 2 pills that melt on your tongue. It's called Maxalt-MLT 10 mg. He told me to go home and take one of them and lay down for an hour or so. This was supposed to break up the blood vessels (or something like that) that were causing me to have a migraine. He gave me the second pill in case it returned again over the weekend. He said if, after the first pill, I woke up and it felt a 'little' better but not quite fully better... to take 1 or 2 ibuprofen.

I went home and dissolved a pill on my tongue and it must have just knocked me out immediately. Next thing I know I was waking up about an hour later... and I had no headache!!! It was almost like someone had reamed out my sinus cavities. I felt completely "open" inside my head. It was a weird feeling, but there was no headache and I was hesitantly happy. Whew.

Unfortunately, I am playing bachelor this weekend too. Jane, Carrie and the kids, and Ricci all left for Buda around 10:30 am yesterday. They are having a bridal shower for Ricci there. I was glad the pill seemed to work and that I didn't need hospitalized or need an MRI or anything. Hopefully I will be all better when they return. It was nice to wake up without a headache again today.

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in transit said...

Wow how random for me to click on your blog! I've just entered the world of blogging! I take the same med for my migraines! I feel your pain. I hope they help. They knock me out a bit as well.