Monday, August 26, 2013

I hate trying to find a new church

We tried yet another church yesterday in our search to find another group of people who will allow us to worship and journey in faith together with them. It was an "okay" Sunday experience, but just the whole idea of it is getting kind of tiring.

This particular place was right near our house. In fact, Jane and I walked there in under 10 minutes. So that was nice. We also saw several people we knew there. Our kids/grandkids were there for the second time, as well as a family from our former church. There were also some other people that we knew whom we weren't aware attended that there. This place also seems to have a great children's program, as well as a pre-school. The grandkids seem to love it. Other than that, it's hard to tell. The music was okay. I liked that it wasn't a grand production, and it was just "normal" people doing the leading. It didn't really move me or anything though. And while I liked that the pastor was very friendly and seemed like an all-around nice guy, I can't say that his preaching was all that great (to me). So it wasn't perfect, but it was way better than a lot we've been to. We will likely give it a try again.

I was once told that when trying to find a new church it isn't fair to judge by just one Sunday. You should give the Sunday morning experience at least 4 weeks. And even then, you'll only be judging the Sunday morning. You're never really a "part" of the church until you get involved beyond Sunday morning. I think that is what will be the most difficult part for me and my family. We were used to being involved in a lot, and it's hard to now just be total spectators and strangers. So I know it will take awhile. It just sucks in the meantime.

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Yep. Good sum up.