Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Doctor visit

I had a regularly scheduled doctors appointment today. We followed up on the Zoloft, Atavan, and Maxalt. I was feeling really good when I went in today, and it showed in my blood pressure.

Weight - 158
BP - 116/76
Pulse - 60

I told the doc the Maxalt really wiped out my headache, so he said it was definitely a migraine problem then. I still had one sample left and he gave me another one today. So I can get 2 migraines for free (hopefully I won't get anymore). I haven't had one since I took the Maxalt on 8/16.

Otherwise... all was good. We chatted about Dr. John - a friend of mine who used to live next door to my doctor. This was also the second visit where he didn't charge me a co-pay. Very nice. I have to go back on Oct. 9 for a recheck now.

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