Friday, August 09, 2013

No more fountain; weeds

Yesterday I went to my pastors breakfast, ran 4 miles, and then started working in the yard. The flowers/weeds along the fence between us and the Russel's was completely out of control, so I just took the weedeater to it. I didn't remove everything, but just about. It looks much nicer. Then I started cutting the dead flowers out of the spots all around the house. I did pretty much everything except the big flower/weed area between the two big trees in the back yard. I filled the garbage bin with weeds so I stopped.

Then the big stupid fountain that was upside down stuck out like a sore thumb... So I broke it apart. It leaked and was an eyesore, and I had turned it upside down over a year ago because it just filled with leaves. It was cracked pretty bad, so I hit it with a pick-ax a few times and it started to crumble. I kept the base and the lady that was actually the fountain (where the water came through). We'll see how that looks with just that and not the part that was supposed to hold the water. We tried to give the whole thing away but had no takers. It was a heavy sucker.

So... I actually felt like I accomplished something yesterday. Today I'm thinking about spraying the back yard for bugs, the usual run, and working on some wedding stuff. I think I can probably do this.

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JAH said...

To say it looks nicer is an understatement. Maybe we can tackle the mess between the two trees together. :)