Saturday, September 07, 2013

Dr. John's end-of-summer

Last night was Dr. John's end-of-summer party. He bought, and cooked, Filet Mignon for 10 of us, and it was FANTASTIC. Jane made most of the rest: cheese and veggie appetizer trays, corn, her delicious potato/veggie combination, and a chocolate covered cheesecake that was practically perfect in every way. Everyone else brought a variety of drinks and things, and it was a really, really nice evening. Just a super group of people to hang out with too: Jane, myself, Mike, Kenny, Dr. John, Amish John (who showed up later after getting back from vacation), Dave & Joni, Travis & Amanda, and Dr. John's daughter Susan was there visiting (she fit right in).

The evening started at 6 pm. When I arrived Dr. John, Mike & Kenny were still assembling the giant table that Dr. John made just for this party. He has a great screened in deck on the back of his giant house, and he bought two 4x8 sheets of plywood and cut big half-moons out of each sheet and then assembled it over his much smaller round table. It was perfect for all 11 of us to fit around. So we had drinks, appetizers and chit-chat from 6 on. Not everyone arrived until maybe 7, and we probably ate around 8. Man, talk about a nice meal. I haven't had a steak like that in... well... I don't know when. And of course Jane's food is always fantastic. I'd guess we left around 11. It was a nice night with nice weather too. We even coined a new phrase, which I can't remember exactly right now but something about, "As long as everybody doesn't cut their meat at the same time." It had to do with the plywood table, and for some reason it just sounded really funny. So now if there is an awkward moment, or for one of those times where you might say, "these pretzels are making me thirsty"... you could similarly interject: "As long as everybody doesn't cut their meat at the same time." :) Or something.

So that was my night last night. It was kind of just what I needed because I didn't have a particularly good day yesterday. It was good to laugh.


MR said...

And other than that, all your balls were going forward, as they say. Lovely night someone suggested we call "Friendsgiving". Followed by Joni's airing of grievances. Sounds like Dr. John's up for making the bookend cookouts a tradition and I'm all for that!

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