Sunday, October 06, 2013

A wedding followed by amish john's party

I had another wedding to officiate this weekend. Donny and Jessica got married at the Botanical Gardens. It was intended to be an outdoor wedding AND reception. However, due to rainy weather, we only managed to have the wedding ceremony outdoors and moved the reception indoors. I still thought it worked out splendidly.

Friday afternoon we had the rehearsal at 3:30 (because someone was having a wedding there that night). We practiced both outdoors and indoors (at 2 possible locations). I was glad we were able to have it outdoors, otherwise people would have had to just find a place to stand and not many would have been able to see. The rehearsal dinner followed at Pint & Slice downtown in the upstairs room. We had pizza and beer and Jane and I sat and visited with Dan and Carol. Super, super nice people. The whole family is, so this wedding was a complete joy to do.

Saturday it was rainy and cloudy most of the day, but the rains stopped just long enough in the afternoon to allow for the wedding ceremony. They set up 100 chairs, and there were probably at least another 100 or so there who sat on various other benches or seats around the sunken gardens area outside. There were quite a few people from our former church present for this wedding. It was the first time we've really seen any of them, and it was nice to talk to most of them. There were a few awkward moments, but only one person was an idiot. I just shook their hand and walked away. Overall it went fine and I was happy to see some of our old friends.

We left the reception around 8:30 and then headed to Amish John's house. He was having a party with our group of friends and we had two pans of brownies to take for dessert. We headed West out of town and got there just as things were kicking into gear. We weren't even the last one's there. It ended up being a pretty good party and we didn't leave until a little after 1 am. I think it was: Amish John, Dr. John, Mike, Kenny, Todd & Susan, Dave & Joni, Erica, Steve & Jennifer, Travis & Amanda & Joey, Sizzler Mike, Lisa & Jeremy, and us. John made pulled pork sandwiches and meatballs, as well as various chips and veggies and whatnot. Even though it sprinkled off and on, we still had a fire out back, and it was a good time (as always).

Fortunately Sunday is now a day when we can sleep in. Church doesn't start until 11. So we slept in this morning, went to church, and then lunch at Panera with the Feipel's. It was another good morning at church. I really like this place.

Good weekend.

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