Friday, October 04, 2013

Fixed the other faucet (and new faucet handles)

After tackling the cold water faucet on the shower in my bathroom last week, I finally repaired the hot water faucet yesterday. I had a heck of a time getting the handle off of it and was finally able to do dislodge it this week. I followed the same procedure as I did with the other handle, and this time it went much quicker. It always helps knowing what I'm getting into, plus I already had all the supplies and tools ready. It didn't take long at all.

I thought about redoing the cold water faucet since it still seems to want to drip for awhile, but... I didn't. It just drips for a bit after shutting it off but it will eventually stop.

I did also buy new faucet handles at Menards. The old ones were pretty worn and corroded. They had the exact same ones: Sayco handles (the replacements are made by "Danco"). It looks much nicer, what with the new caulk job and everything. So I kinda smile every time I walk into my bathroom now. I did something right and it even looks sort of professional and all.