Sunday, October 20, 2013

Gravity - the movie

Jane had last Tuesday off work, so we went to the afternoon movie and saw Gravity. We had heard this was one movie you wanted to splurge and see in either 3D or IMAX. Unfortunately it was no longer in the IMAX theater, so we saw it in 3D. It was worth it.

I wasn't real thrilled about seeing it from the previews, mostly because I'm not a big Sandra Bullock fan; plus it was basically just a 2-person movie. Sandra and George Clooney are really the only two characters you see the entire movie, and it's mostly her. But... it was really, really good. It could possibly be movie of the year.

I will spare you the details (you can read them in the link). I thought it was nice that it was only 90 minutes. I'm so tired of all those 3 and 4 hour movies anymore. It went fast as well. Plus, even though it cost us $20 for two 3D matinee tickets, since we went on "stimulus Tuesday" at the Carmike Jefferson Pointe theater, we got a $3 coupon for each ticket towards snacks, and snacks are discounted on Tuesdays. So we got a large popcorn and large drink - which would normally have been $13.50 - for only $5.50. Usually it seems we spend as much on popcorn and drinks as the tickets cost.

Anyway, yes, Gravity is as good as everyone says; see it in 3D; and if you can find out when your theater has specials... go then. That's my tip for the day.

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