Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Making coffee for the learning community

I haven't written much this week because I've had something to do. I've been making coffee, greeting guests, and helping serve at my church while they host a 3dm Learning Community this week. It started Monday afternoon and runs through noon on Thursday. It's been kind of fun to hang around with some church folk again, and I've even seen some old friends and familiar faces... as well as had the opportunity to sit in on some of the sessions and worship with the group first thing in the morning.

I talked to my friend Lance a couple weeks ago and he mentioned the Learning Community was coming up. Sunday afternoon I emailed Chris (the pastor at our church) about something else, and I just mentioned that if they needed any help with the Learning Community that I was available all week and would be happy to help out. He emailed me right back and said that they did, in fact, need some help. So he put me in touch with the office administrator (Kim). So I went Monday and helped greet people as they arrived and then learned how to make coffee (they have quite the coffee house set-up). I hung around until it was over at 5 pm. Tuesday and Wednesday I arrived at 8:15 am and got the coffee made and set out water and everything else that was needed, then helped greet. Then at lunch I helped take care of that, and in the afternoons I made more coffee and cleaned things up when things were over. I won't be there tomorrow because I meet with my own group of pastors. There are plenty of other people who can take care of things, plus it's over tomorrow morning.

Chris did tell me I could sit in on whatever sessions I wanted to, so I did when I could. I also joined in for the morning worship times. Man, what a way to start the day. Plus Craig is such a fantastic worship leader.

I was also able to meet a lot of people. I knew Lance and Brandon from Findlay (we went out for supper Tuesday), as well as Ben and a couple other people I sort of knew (we'd met before). As far as GG people, I met Scott, Craig, Kim, Sara, and Dan (staff); as well as Greg, Barb, Susan, Kathy and Ambia (helpers).

I probably annoyed the GG staff, but I had a good time, and actually felt like I was contributing to something even though it was in a very small way. It was also nice to hang around with some pastors again.

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MR said...

Sounds like you can tailor your contribution to a comfortable size there. And you can offer your own wisdom where it seems appropriate. "It's like I always say: don't everybody cut your meat at the same time." "???"