Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas day movie - american hustle

Jane and I did go to a movie on Christmas Day. We went to the 12:15 pm showing of American Hustle. It was your typical 'bad guys turn good, good guy turns bad' movie, but it was very good and nicely done. I knew Bradley Cooper was in it, but didn't realize Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, and Louis C.K. were in it. I also didn't realize Amy Adams could be so good looking. I always thought of her as more of a "cute" girl, but she was all woman in this. It was also kinda cool that it was set in 1978. I remember my high school years much better than they probably were.

At any rate, it was not predictable, and I like this kind of movie. I thought it was really, really good. It is rated 'R' - mostly for language, some sexual content, and brief violence. Nothing too terrible though.

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