Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Overnight trip home and christmas

I made a quick trip back to my parent's house Monday and Tuesday. My sister and her boys were there to celebrate Christmas and I thought this might be my last time to go back for awhile since I won't have any vacation for a year. Jane had to work Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas, so I decided at the last minute to go. I left Monday morning and arrived in the afternoon. We had a Christmas supper, then stayed up until 2 am (our time) playing dominos. Then I got up early Tuesday and left at 7 am (their time). I arrived back in the Fort around 1:30 or 2 pm. Ricci, Isaac and Anna were already here, and Carrie, Bennett and Drew arrived shortly after. We opened presents at our house in the afternoon, then had a Christmas supper here (soup and munchies), then we all went to Grace for their Christmas Eve service. It was packed. Isaac and Ricci gave us a ride home, we had some dessert, then they went back to Anderson.

I got a pair of socks and a scarf from Jane (even though we weren't supposed to be getting each other anything because of the Cancun trip). She also made a book about my family heritage. She searched back through the Horwedel line to Fridelien Valentine Horwedel, born in 1837; the Aten line (my dad's mom) back to Robert Aten, born in 1818; the Powell line (my mom's dad) back to William Lincoln Powell, born in 1865; and the Drain line (my mom's mom) back to William E. Drain, born in 1847. The Feipel's got me a cheese and cracker thing from Harry & David. Isaac and Ricci gave me a picture book from their wedding (for Jane too), and a book Ricci picked it out. It's Pilgrim At Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard. My mom and dad got me a pair of gloves and some money.

I thought the best part about the Christmas Eve service was when they asked all the little kids to come up front and told them a story. I couldn't believe that Anna actually went up there by herself (especially when she didn't know anyone), but she was so cute up there in her pretty red dress. Then when they told the kids they could sit down, she stayed up there. Carrie had to go up and get her, because she wanted to dance! Carrie didn't find it too amusing, but I thought it was cute. I guess it's been a long time since she used to get to be up in front of the church like she used to every Sunday.

Christmas morning we went over to the Feipel's to see what the kids got, and Carrie made us breakfast. Now Jane and I are going to go see a movie. We're planning to see American Hustle. That's about it for Christmas this year. Pretty uneventful. Bah.


Carrie Jade said...

Correction: I thought it was adorable at first. The mess that followed was not cute. But I was the only one who saw the rest. :)

dan horwedel said...

Fair enough. :)