Saturday, December 07, 2013

Housing updates

There are several updates I would like to make to the house over the next year or two.

First, it would be nice to get a portable generator. Just something big enough to run our sump pump and refrigerator. Those would be my main concerns when there is a power failure. And maybe add the coffee pot. I would thinking something like this 3250 watt Generac from Menards would be sufficient. It should be around $300-$400.

Second, I would like to get a battery back-up sump pump. This may be more urgent than the generator. It wouldn't be viable if the power is out for extended periods, but would be helpful for when it goes out and I'm not aware that it's gone out.

Third would be a vent-free gas stove or heater for the basement. Something like one of these two. They price $350 for the stove and $200 or less for the wall-mounted heater. They should sufficiently heat the basement in case of a power outage.

I don't know that any of these things are necessities, but they would provide a lot of peace of mind. It would also be nice to provide a place with heat for the grandkids in the event of extended power outages. It seems that almost every year since we've lived here these happen to some part of Fort Wayne. We've only had a 2-day at our house, but Drew Carrie have gone much longer. So this is my housing wish list. I would think these would all add to the value of the house too.

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MR said...

I think your return on investment would be that those items are lend-able. Mean, if the ice storm or mini-tornado doesn't get you, and you know you're in the clear, you could let someone else use it; which sounds like you. Then it's being used until it's your turn. Realistically, if Carrie's power goes out she'll be at your house before the ice cream is soft. So it'll probably be ME borrowing it, haha.