Sunday, December 08, 2013

Where have all the bloggers gone? (and what am I still doing here?)

One night when I couldn't sleep I started clicking through some of the blogs I link to on my sidebar. I was surprised at how many people haven't posted anything since like 2011 or 2012. In fact, very few are still writing. What the heck?

I guess it is a rather antiquated form of communicating. And the blogging world has changed drastically from when I first started in 2005 when there were whole communities of people who knew one another through the blogosphere and developed quite good relationships. I feel like a dinosaur now though.

I was just talking to Lady Jane the other day about whether I should try taking my blog a little more seriously. Like, should I actually try to make some money off of it. My problem is that I can't seem to pinpoint one specific area for my blog to be about. I'm all over the place. There's church stuff, and music, and movies, and politics, and the grandkids, and... my pathetic life... And let's don't forget the haircuts and lawn mowing. Jane thought maybe that's what made this blog unique. I think she was just trying to make me feel better.

Odd as it is, though, I still feel some sort of obligation to try to write something almost every day. That's why I changed the heading back to "Every Day With Dan." Maybe it is unique. I don't know. Certainly it's not popular, but it's something that I can do. There are many things I cannot. Perhaps this is my purpose for living. Who knows.

So... yeah... that's about all I could come up with today.


Jim Lehmer said...

I for one not only enjoy reading your blog, but also take inspiration from it. It keeps reminding me I want to write more myself. I most often don't because I "don't have anything to say." But this directly contradicts the creative writing dictate to "just write." And that's why I admire it when you even blog about a haircut - it shows determination to keep writing. So, I say "Well done," and hope you keep blogging.

MR said...

What with communication shrinking to sound bites like Twitter and Facebook statuses, sometimes I get the urge to just sit down and type. It happens completely spontaneously, but I've had some serious revelations sitting at my computer. Sometimes when I unload my mundane events it triggers something and I start to compile them into very meaningful stuff. It seems that a lot of the time all the information I need is in my head, but I have to do the dot-to-dot to make that inert data into ideas. It's like meditation. I also think that is part and parcel of prayer.

dan horwedel said...

Thanks, gents.