Sunday, January 19, 2014

All by myself

I worked the whole day by myself for the first time yesterday. Granted it was a Saturday, so it was only 5 hours, but still. I was actually filling in for someone else, so I got overtime my first full week of working at fws. Everything seemed to go ok. It seemed like I was kind of busy too. I rented out 3 (or 4) units, had someone take the moving truck, and got a couple leads. So not only did I get overtime, but if I understand the bonus situation correctly, I made quite a bit that way too. I was actually there a half hour over (2:30) because a couple came in to rent a unit right at 2 (when I was supposed to leave) and then I had 2 move-outs while I was moving them in. There are a couple things I need to fix on Monday: one is just putting a discount on one of the move-ins that I forgot, and the other is something I'm going to need help figuring out with my boss (a billing issue). All in all I think things went pretty smooth though. I like my new job. So far it seems to be the perfect mix of working with the public and working by myself that I was looking for. We'll see.

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MR said...

You and Amanda both posted items of contentment today. I'm beginning to think beer is the cure for self-doubt. Anyway, that's awesome!