Saturday, January 18, 2014

Life insurance physical

We recently downsized our life insurance - because we don't need as much as we used to and so it would be cheaper - and I had to get a physical. It is fairly obvious it's because I take antidepressants. That's about the only thing I have in my history, and even though Jane has a family history with cancer and heart issues, she didn't need a physical. That just seems a bit odd to me, but... whatever. I guess that stigma still exists, even outside the church.

So, anyway, a lady came to do my physical while I was at work yesterday. It wasn't supposed to take very long - it was only to be a height, weight, blood pressure check, and I had to give a urine sample (for HIV testing) - but it ended up taking about 45 minutes with all the questions I had to answer. Again, it was kind of obvious what they were looking for based on the questions.

My height was 5' 7 1/2", my weight (fully clothed) was 164, my bp was 126/70, 124/70, and 120/70. Then she also had to measure my chest and my stomach. I don't know what those measurements were, or what they were for.

Anyway, she was a nice lady (we had talked on the phone a couple times and she kind of talked my ear off - she was no different in person) and hopefully all will be well.

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