Friday, January 17, 2014


Yesterday I had a conversation with a deaf person. It was kind of odd at first, and even a struggle at times. She wanted something that I couldn't do for her and she was a little upset. I tried to explain myself as best as I could (writing on a paper); I even ended up talking on the phone with her brother-in-law; and we eventually got on the same page and all was well in the end. She thanked me and extended her hand for me to shake.

Later on I had a guy come in all decked out in his Harley leathers and whatnot, and he was upset about his bill. I looked things over and we talked - and even though I wasn't able to help him myself - I assured him that I would look into it and get right back to him. We ended up shaking hands and he thanked me over and over before he finally left too.

You know, I don't mind dealing with difficult people... as long as they're honest and willing to work through a situation. What I can't stand are people who lie and deceive just to avoid a confrontation, because then nothing ends up being resolved. I suppose I don't mind that because I'm like that myself. I may get upset, but it doesn't mean I want nothing to do with the person. Perhaps it comes from my background in athletics. A coach can yell at you all practice, but then at the end they whack you on the arm and say, "good work out there."

Sometimes I forget that not everyone is like that though. That's why I used to write a lot of thank-you notes as a pastor. I suppose I eventually quit writing as many. That's my bad.

I was thinking about this for most of the day - when I had a chance. I was kinda busy today. But it was a good busy.

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JAH said...

You're doing a great job there. I don't know how long you will work at this place, but I have a feeling you are going to have an impact. Love you.