Thursday, January 16, 2014


I gave myself a haircut last night. Man, I hadn't realized how long it had been. The last time I had a haircut was when I shaved my head on Dec. 5th! I'm pretty sure that's the longest I've went since I started doing it myself.

Anyway, I used a #2 on most of my head - then just touched up a few spots with the #1 (also did my eyebrows with the #1). I had Jane even out the back.

The #2 is more difficult to me. It's just harder to get it even everywhere. Jane likes it better though. I still thinking shaving it is the easiest means of hair removal; and using the #1 is next. It is much too cold right now to go that route though - especially since I can't wear a hat at work. We'll see what the summer holds...

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