Friday, January 03, 2014

Take your monkey with you

I'm not sure where this story originated, but I heard it in a coaching class (Coach Approach Ministries). In personal coaching (or pastoring, counseling, and related fields) they say that everyone who comes into your office has a monkey on their back... Some sort of issues or "monkey" they are struggling with. The challenge as a coach (or pastor, counselor, etc.) is to try to help the person as much as you can............ but make sure they take their monkey with them when they leave!!! If you keep their monkey (try to 'own' their problem), pretty soon you'll end up with an office full of monkeys. That's not good for anyone.

I wish I had heard this advice a long time ago (or had heeded it). Even knowing it doesn't make it any easier. For people who want to help other people it's hard to not get over-involved. But keeping an office full of monkeys is a short-cut to stress and burnout. I know.

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Pastor D said...

An office full of monkeys. In my neighborhood it's a barn full of cats! Still, a good point to consider. You can't own it.