Saturday, January 04, 2014

The new job

I started a new job this past Thursday, January 2nd. I am now working for Fort Wayne Storage. I 'think' I will be a facilities manager at one of their 6 locations. My son-in-law, Drew, is also a fm. I will be in training for several weeks, but at this point I am at the Dupont facility - just east of the new Parkview Hospital. I believe they have 750 storage units, plus a moving truck (at this location).

So far I have trained with Karen, learning the software and the day-to-day responsibilities of an office manager. It hasn't been terribly busy - partly because this is their 'slow time,' but also because we got a bunch of snow Wednesday/Thursday - so it hasn't been bad. In fact, it's been a little boring. I'm sure that will change as the weather improves. It has been helpful for training though. I have a bunch of hand-written notes that I would like to type up and put in a little better order. We'll see.

Not much to say at this point. I have slept good, and it's been nice to have something to do. It is also in a different part of the city than I am familiar with. So it's a new experience. I think it is 13 miles one way to get there. It normally takes about 20-25 minutes to get there, but it took 45 minutes the first day (because of the snow). It takes a bit longer to get home at 5:30 due to traffic. I may try taking I-469 home once the roads are in better condition. So far I have just taken Lafayette right through town, then get on I-69 on the North side and take it over to exit 316. It is just down the road to the right from there.

And... that's about it for now.

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