Monday, January 06, 2014

Winter storm - work cancelled

So I started a new job, worked two days, and now on my first Monday we are closed due to the extreme weather conditions. Actually, just about everything is closed. Yesterday evening they issued a State of Emergency and some sort of Winter Weather Advisory that makes it illegal for anyone other than emergency vehicles to be on the roads. This is in affect until 6 pm today (I can never remember if level 1 is highest or level 3 - whichever it is, it's the worst one). It literally snowed the entire day yesterday. They say we got between 10-12" of snow on top of what we already had (I can't even remember now what we already had). It was fairly warm and calm yesterday (30f), but then it started getting colder and windier during the night. It is currently -12f, and the high today is only supposed to be -7f. That's some serious cold. It's supposed to be like that today and tomorrow, and then start to warm up a little.

It actually was kind of pretty yesterday. The snow stuck to the trees and they were all white. I was glad that when it started getting colder though that the snow mostly blew off the branches, rather than breaking them and having them fall on power lines. That was my biggest concern overnight - losing power. Some people did, but not us.

I am super glad I bought the snowblower this season. Otherwise there is no way I could have shoveled all that snow. I blew the driveway and sidewalks 2 or 3 times yesterday, because it was a wet and heavy snow and couldn't have done it all at once. I already went out this morning in -10 cold and blew it clear again. It is still blowing pretty good, but it's nice to have it done. We even had a snowblow come down our street already this morning. It seemed like last year it took them daaaays to get to us. I also used the snowblower for the lady and her son across the street. I didn't do their entire drive, but at least they can get their cars out. Snow was piled too high for my little 18" blower.

So, we're not doing much today. Jane's bank closed all their branches today too; plus we're not supposed to be on the roads; so I'm sitting here blogging and Jane is cleaning out the refrigerator. Maybe I'll go do the treadmill...


MR said...

You DID explain to your old boss that you needed a break, right? I hope this isn't Him protesting, that could get ugly.

Tom said...

I hope he still works for that old boss you are talking about, MR, just in a different pasture.