Monday, February 24, 2014


I went to the dentist this morning for my 6-month checkup and cleaning. Somehow I ended up with no cavities or any other problems again. That's always a big relief. I got an appointment for 8am and was done about 8:35. That gave me time to stop at Meijers and still make it to work on time. I scheduled my next appointment for August 25 at 8am. Now I need to make an eye appointment and get some glasses that I can see out of.

Btw, there was a really nice Subaru Forrester in the parking lot of the dentist office. I really like those.


MR said...

THAT was subtle.

Kent Davis said...

Good thing you don't have to deal with cavities, Dan. You just have to exert efforts on your oral hygiene to prevent problems with your teeth. You’ve got a nice taste for cars, by the way. Hope you’ll be able to have your own Subaru Forrester soon. :)

Kent Davis

Stephen T. E. Malfair said...

Our mouth is considered as one of the dirtiest parts of our body, so it takes regular cleaning and monitoring for anyone to keep a healthy dental condition. It’s nice to know that all your efforts in taking care of your teeth have paid off. How are you now? I hope you’ll be able to maintain your cavity-free teeth. :)

Stephen Malfair