Sunday, February 23, 2014

The start of jane's birthday week

M'lady turns the big 5-0 later this week, and we started the party off Saturday with a night out with the kids. Isaac and Ricci came up and we met the Feipel's at Club Soda for supper. It was my first time there. Very nice, and probably totally worth the $300+ bill I dropped there. I really liked the building. After that we went to our usual hang-out and introduced the boy and his girl to our friend Mike. We all had a good time and kept Carrie out way past her bedtime, then we went home. Isaac and Ricci spent the night with us and we stayed up til probably 3:330 am talking. I was pretty tired in the morning, but glad I didn't have to preach like Isaac did. They left around 9 am so he could make it to his church in Anderson, and we got ready and went to our church. It still feels weird being a part of a bigger church, but today they actually gave us giving envelopes! We didn't even ask for them, but they have our name on them and everything. I guess that means we're in. After church we were treated to lunch by the Feipel's at Bob Evans. Anna and Bennett were super good. We then spent most of the afternoon sleeping. I probably could have just slept right on through til morning but didn't want to wake up at like 10 pm and be wide awake, so we forced ourselves to get up. I had some popcorn for supper. Now I'm writing this. Tomorrow is a new day. More party stuff to come later in the week.


MR said...

Along with all the other health-related triggers turning 50 brings, they also suggest stress-testing your liver, so........ okay, I made that up to try to excuse my being a bad influence.

Nice to finally talk to Isaac and Ricci for more than a hi/bye. They were great! Hope to see them at my Christmas party if they can manage it.

Pastor D said...

Blessed Birthday to Jane!