Sunday, February 16, 2014

Job posting

I hadn't seen this before I applied, but this is the actual job posting for the current position I hold. I have to say, I never really would have thought of myself like this... But now it seems to describe me fairly well, I think. I dunno. It is what it is. Here is the posting:


Fort Wayne Storage is looking for an outgoing individual with office or property management experience. Qualities needed for this job include paying attention to detail, dependability, and a strong work ethic. This facility manager must possess basic computer skills, good customer service and communication skills, and the ability to problem-solve!

Job Information
- 40 hrs/wk with some Saturdays
- Hourly rate plus bonus opportunities
- Friendly, team-oriented work environment
- Phone & walk-in sales
- Wide range of responsibilities... office work, sales, mopping, therapist, babysitter, etc.

If you are highly motivated, take pride in your work, and want to work for the best storage company in Fort Wayne, please send your resume to ___________________.

1 comment:

MR said...

I can see you at the interview: "I've got everything except the basic computer skills, it's going to take a sharp blow to the head to bring me down to that level."