Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snow 2013/14

These are pictures of the snow from the front of our house. I'm hoping it is going to start seriously disappearing next week. I see they are predicting a high of 56 next Thursday. I am ready.

This winter has seemed longer than most, because we got snow earlier than usual, and it seemed to always be followed by really cold temperatures. So it never melted. They also say this has been one of the snowiest winters on record for Indiana. I'm not exactly sure, but last I heard it seemed we had gotten like 56 inches total. The record for one winter is 61 or something (here is an article from 2/18 - FW Close to Breaking Record). So it would be kind of nice to break the record, but... I could do without it. I could also do without the flooding we're probably going to have this Spring.

At least we haven't had too many real blizzardy-type days. Although it helps living in the city and not really needing to drive on country roads anymore. That was always what I hated the most - the fear of getting stuck out in the middle of nowhere.

It also helped that I bought a snowblower this winter. One of the best decisions I've ever made. I don't know why I didn't get one sooner. It made clearing the driveway and sidewalk almost enjoyable. Instead of spending an hour with a shovel and then having an aching back, it took about 15 minutes and looked all nice and neat when I was done. Since I don't have any carpet to vacuum straight lines in anymore, this is probably the next best thing. I love seeing the driveway after going over it with the snowblower.

Well, again, here are some pics from the front of our house. I took them Wednesday morning, I believe. I am now ready to say so long to the snow.

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Pastor D said...

Remember reading somewhere that on the day of the first measurable snow would be the number of snowstorms for the coming season; which fell 11 December 2013. Well, we've had six straight Saturdays of significant snowfall plus an additional four or five mid-week storms which would put us right on track with eleven. Would not be surprised to see one or two more front move through.

With this Siberian style winter we've had I'm tempted to plant nothing but onions and potatoes in the garden this spring and leave well enough alone!

I'm also reminded of Garrison Koehler's famous quote. "the good Lord gave us March so that those who do not drink know how a hangover feels!"