Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jane's toothache

My poor wife was in some pretty serious pain yesterday. It was rather ironic that she actually had a dentist appointment to get a cavity filled, when at the same time a tooth on the other side of her mouth started hurting (it just started hurting a day or two before). When she went in to get the filling the dentist found that she had a bad infection around the other tooth, so he prescribed some penicillen and vicoden. He told her to double up on the penicillen last night, but she actually doubled up on the vicoden too because it hurt so bad. I felt bad for her. There's nothing like a toothache. It kind of makes the whole side of your face and head hurt. Hopefully the meds will start kicking in today so it won't hurt so bad. Then we'll have to decide whether to just get that tooth pulled or have a root canal done. Prayers would be appreciated for M'lady today.

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MR said...

that completely sucks. Hope the meds are working--that WAS a piece of luck having it crop up on the day you were already going to the Dentist, though.

btw: am I the only one without vicodin? They must be dispensing it from bubble gum machines now. So you can get a handful then ride the plastic horse.