Sunday, April 13, 2014

Wolf of wall street

We rented The Wolf of Wall Street at Redbox last night. It was an okay movie, with some pretty funny parts, but overall it was pretty terrible content. If you want to see a show with drugs, naked women, and indulgent greed... this is a movie for you. DiCaprio gives an okay performance, I guess. He plays that typical "bad guy you feel sorta sorry for" character. But it was hard to feel too sorry for him. I hope I never meet someone like that in real life. Perhaps the funniest moment of the movie is when he thought he drove his Lamborghini home without it getting so much as a scratch... then the next morning he sees reality. :) That's about the truth.

Anyway, just some random thoughts at the end of a long, long week. We watched a movie at home on our TV where the sound cuts in and out. Yep.

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