Sunday, April 27, 2014

Leadership weekend

We participated in our first Grace Leadership Weekend yesterday. It is really only one day - I guess it used to last the weekend. I'm not really sure why we were there. We're not leaders in any way. A couple people invited us, and I guess we thought we would just check it out. Anyway, it was worthwhile. There were probably roughly 50 people there. I recognized most of them, and we got to know a few people a little better.

During the social space time we sat with Dan, Roberto, Tom, and Nick. Nick was actually visiting from Texas. I guess they had a 3dm 'pilgrimage' at Grace during the week, and he stayed to see what the LW was like. Dan is the head of Hispanic ministries at Grace.

My huddle time was led by Scott (who was also in charge of the LW), and included Roberto, Brad, and Jeff. I found out Jeff is the manager of the Chick-fil-a at Jefferson Pointe. Seems like a nice guy.

So - from the teaching times - the emphasis of the day seemed to be about 'family on mission.' And the idea of both a nuclear family, but also an extended family. The natural family is not the end game. It is meant to be merely a prototype of what is to come... God is building a spiritual family.

Some things needed to develop a family on mission are: 1) Spiritual Parents, 2) Predictable Patterns, and 3) a Missional Focus.

One comment that really resonates with me - that I've heard before; and I don't know if it's a 3dm thing or a Grace thing - is the idea that "We don't need to be a perfect example, but at least a living example." It occurred to me that this is kind of what my blog is about. I am far from perfect, but at least I'm willing to share. It's sort of a virtual living example. I guess.

Anyway, the final teaching time was about being 'small people, doing small things, in small places.' This can lead to a big movement of God.

Also part of the concluding comments were Grace's desire to put missional activity (discipleship) in the hands of ordinary people. Equipping the everyday believer to disciple the way Jesus discipled, and engage the way Jesus engaged.

Here was the schedule for the day:

8:30 Brunch
9:15 Worship through Song
9:45 Teaching Time #1
10:30 Social Space
11:30 Huddle
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Start/Stop – Setting Goals
2:30 Teaching #2/Final Words
3:00 Worship/Ministry Time
3:30 Session End

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