Saturday, April 26, 2014

Painted office

I arrived at work at the Dupont office yesterday and there were three Mexican gentlemen painting the interior. The desk and credenza were covered with tarp and plastic, and it was kind of a disorganized mess. The Operations manager was also there, along with one of the owners. Anyway, pretty soon everyone left but me and the three painters. They didn't talk much. At least not in English.

So, I tried to do as much work as I could. I fished under tarp or plastic to find things I needed. Eventually we were able to uncover the computer and the rest of the desk. Of course, every time I needed to find a file I had to first find the file cabinet, then find the side that had the drawers on it, then hope that it wasn't placed too close to something else so I could actually open the drawers.... Ok, so maybe it wasn't anything all that bad, but it was a bittle of a hassle nonetheless.

Finally, though, the painters got done sometime mid-afternoon..... and it looks really nice! They painted all the walls yellow, and the front of the desk area a dark green. They also painted all three doors - to the storage room, restroom, and into the climate control section (the new building) - white. We supposed to get some corkboard for the inside of the desk area - under the marble counters. It really brightened up the room and made it look bigger. I like it.

Now we need to have some floor tiles fixed, have the merchandise board mounted, and figure out how to decorate. The operations manager and I don't exactly have the same tastes. Oh well. There isn't much left to do on the rest of the building either, so we can open up about 50 more storage units to rent - and actually have some model units to show people. That will be nice.

Of course I say all this, and I won't be in the Dupont office all next week. I start out at Southwest on Monday, Stellhorn Tuesday, I am off for my coaching training on Wednesday and Thursday, then back to Stellhorn Friday and Saturday. I 'think' I will go back to Dupont the following week.

Yep... that about covers that.

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