Friday, April 04, 2014

The treasure chair

Okay, so I dug another "treasure" out of the garbage at the storage facility where I work. Carrie says I need an intervention. But this chair wasn't actually 'in' the garbage. Someone had kindly left it right beside the dumpster. And it's in really good shape. It doesn't look like anyone has even sat in it. Granted, it is not a high quality piece of furniture and it's not the prettiest pattern, but these smallish cushioned chairs that both rock and swivel are so hard to come by. I thought it might match the old small chair we have - but not so much. So, we'll see. The cat really seems to like it for some reason. She sits in it all the time and stands real tall like, "I like this chair. Good job, Dan." Although in this picture she is getting some heat from her spot in front of the register.

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MR said...

uuhhb. words fail me.