Thursday, May 08, 2014

A day off, and cars serviced

For some reason I had the day off work today. Not really sure why, but I took it. Unfortunately I didn't get a whole lot done. Somehow I lost like 3 or 4 hours in the middle of the day. Other than that... I got the Ford Focus and the Buick Century serviced. I made the mistake of walking from our house to the service station at 3:30 pm to pick it up. It was 90F outside. It actually felt good to sweat a little again though. I am really out of shape.

I guess I did start the day (after dropping off one car) with an extended breakfast with Tom and Steve. It was nice to not be rushed for a change. And Azars pancakes are the BEST (have I said that before?).

I also picked up Anna, and Jane and I got to take her to tumbling again at the Y. She is just about the cutest thing bouncing around with a room full of kids. We topped it off by treating her to a taco at Taco Bell. She chows those things down like candy.

Afterward we have been cleaning the house for a weekend visit from my parents.

Tomorrow I have to be to work early for an employee meeting. So I don't know if I'll be posting for a few days or not. We'll see.

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