Wednesday, May 07, 2014


We're getting ready for another round of auctions at work (yes, it's like the show 'Storage Wars' - or whatever it is). Monday I needed to cut two padlocks off of a unit. The first one snapped like a bean, but the second one... ugh. I had our big honkin' set of bolt cutters, but it was also a good sized lock. I pulled and pulled and pulled, then I felt it.... I think I pulled a muscle in my chest. Or else I bruised something. Or something. Anyway, it hurts on the right side of my chest. I'm sure it's nothing serious, but it is a pain.

So.... yesterday I was bound and determined to not let this padlock beat me. I have a couple hack saws, and took the bolt cutters again, and set out to get this bad boy off the door. At one point I got a phone call. I always put a note on the door at work when I'm out doing something, that if someone needs something they can give me a call. Well, it was Max. He is the father of the guy in charge of the construction going on in our new building. He does a lot of work, and he needed something. So I hopped in the golf cart and wheeled back to the office. Max noticed the bolt cutters and asked what I was doing. I told him I had been wrestling with this padlock for two days. He laughed and said, "Ha! I can have that lock off of there in 10 seconds." He told me to come with him. We went to his truck and he handed me his 4" grinder and a pair of safety glasses. Awesome! I tooled out to the unit, and I think it literally did take about 10 seconds to buzz through the padlock.

So, Max saved the day. Although my ribs still hurt. At least I now know.... the next time I need a large lock removed.... I'm going to borrow a grinder instead of wrenching myself up with bolt cutters.

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