Sunday, May 04, 2014

First mowing of the year

I mowed the yard at home yesterday for the first time this year. I was actually just going to see if the old mower would even start. I didn't do anything to winterize it last fall because I just assumed it had served it's purpose well over the last 30 years or so and it was going to be done. But, dang, it started on the second pull with gas from last year. So I thought I would just mow a little bit - real high- just to run the gas out of it. I ended up mowing the whole yard. I moreless just evened it off, rather than actually mowing, but it still looks a lot better. I guess I'll keep the ol' thing around for awhile longer.

I also thought this was much later than normal for a first mowing, but in looking back through my blog, last year the first mowing was on April 26th, so that's not a whole lot earlier.

I still need to put some weed and feed on the lawn if I can ever find a morning where it's not supposed to rain sometime during the day.


Pastor D said...

This will be week #3 here mower fired up on the second pull here!

Mike Mcmillen said...

It's good that the mower didn't jam while you were mowing your lawn. It can be a hassle if it suddenly broke down when you were almost done. Anyway, you could always hire someone to mow your lawn if your schedule doesn't allow you to do it yourself.

Mike Mcmillen