Monday, May 05, 2014

MRC meeting

A couple weeks ago, on a Tuesday night (4/15), we had a meeting with some of the leaders in the Midwest Region. Our friend Lance put it together. We met at Steve's church in Zanesville. It was: Lance, Bob E., Steve J., Andrew D., Jeff R., Steve W., and Jane and myself. I felt bad because we were both late getting out of work that night, so we were a little late getting there. The meeting started a little after 7, and we were there until maybe 9 pm. It went "ok." I thought it was a good 'first' meeting, but I have a feeling this is the last we'll probably hear from anyone. Anyway, there were several things I wanted to say but didn't, but all-in-all, we got an apology from a key person, and it at least seemed like most everyone still supported me/us as credentialed leaders in the denomination. That was the main thing I wanted to know. So, we'll see. I do really appreciate everyone taking time out of a very busy week to come and meet with us, and especially Lance for putting it together.

But.... to be honest.... at this point I'm kinda just getting tired of trying. Even at the new church. I feel like I/we have something to offer... but no one is really interested. The same goes for where I work. So.... whatever. I'm starting to feel like a useless old man. Again.

It's a cloudy Monday.


MR said...

People are the WORST! I think if you had a USB slot (no, not that one) and you could put all your theological knowledge on a thumb drive and then plug it in to someone else (don't say it), they STILL would not have your faith. So, you have to wonder how much of an impact you can have in the Western world. I think they can appreciate you, but it's probably a rare thing to be in that place where all "real" resources have been exhausted and you find yourself at the mercy of nature & fate, and you have to consider who owns and authors those things that maybe you could beguile them in your desparation; or at least introduce yourself hat-in-hand. Then to witness nature and fate come to attention and do [your] bidding. I think there are well meaning people who try to understand the philosophy, but it's all academic & second-hand without that personal experience. What I'm saying is, it's a tough gig trying to explain something like that. As for the secular job: dude, you're overqualified. But you were pretty much going to be wherever you landed.

Pastor D said...

Remember what you do does not mean who and whose you are. There is a huge go hug a grandchild!