Saturday, May 17, 2014


I went ahead and mowed this morning. All the neighbors had mowed and I didn't want to look like the bad lawn in the neighborhood. So I set the old mower in its highest setting - which I needed to do because the grass was so long - and lopped it all off. We may have fewer dandelions than we used to, but the ones we do have are big and tough suckers. They look really hideous now.

It started sprinkling while I was mowing. The lady across the street was also mowing, and when the rain came the neighbor kid hopped on his riding mower and mowed part of her yard for her. I thought that was nice of him. Although... I'm glad he didn't help with my lawn because he kind of just mows in circles with no real pattern. I kinda like straight lines in my lawn, and I try to mow the opposite direction each time. You know, that's just how I am. Anyway, I was glad to see the kid help her out.

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