Friday, May 16, 2014

Reseeding the lawn naturally

Apparently I am going to re-seed - or over-seed - my lawn naturally this year. I have still only mowed the one time. That was when I was running the old gas out of the mower and I just hit the high spots... kind of just leveled it off. Then I didn't want to mow after fertilizing. Now it's been raining forever. So the grass has started going to seed. I read once where this is actually the best way to over-seed a lawn. My lawn definitely needed it. So... cool. I hope it helps.

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MR said...

My lawn is the same. It's the only time when the grass catcher doesn't help. I've thought of detaching it from my tractor to let the seeds discharge but I'm way too lazy for that. I did put down some shady-mix grass seed just in time for the rain, though. And if it doesn't fill in, I suppose I'll pay TruGreen for a plug & seed in the Fall.