Saturday, June 21, 2014

Eric steckel at ribfest 2014

M'Lady and I had the pleasure of seeing Eric Steckel again last night on our first night of Ribfest 2014. Wow, what a great time it was. Not just the pulled pork sandwiches, but staying out late for his 10 pm show was worth every penny to me.

I first saw Eric at last year's Ribfest and was just blown away. So when I saw he was coming back this year I asked Jane if she minded staying up late even though she had to get up and work the next morning. He is somewhat of a blues guitar legend at the ripe young age of 24 (I think - he was born in 1990). A child prodigy who apparently started playing out at 9, and touring at the age of 11, his shows are as mature as people three times his age. The best thing about watching him play, though, is the energy he has. Almost always smiling, showering the audience with love, embracing the rock-star persona to the hilt... he just makes you want to watch him (and start playing guitar again). There is, of course, his music too. He's known for his axemanship, but his voice carries the depth of an authentic blues soul as well. It was funny, how, when he started playing, people started congregating in front of the stage with mouths agape. Granted, the previous band wasn't that great, but Eric certainly stole the night. So, if you're a fan of Hendrix, SRV, or Bonamassa... I highly recommend seeing Eric in concert. Last nights show was spectacular, and I still have a shit-eatin' grin stamped on my face to prove it. It was fun.

As for Ribfest - this is my favorite festival in Fort Wayne. They have the best music, best food, and best selection of beers of all the festivals. One thing I noted right away about last night, though, was that the sound system has improved over the last two years. I don't know if they switched sound companies, or if the company decided to ditch those smallish digital speakers, but this year it was back to sounding good. It could vibrate your shirt without stinging your ears. I like that.

Another great night with the woman I love - the awesome music, food and drink was pure gravy.

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JAH said...

Yes, it was a great night indeed. And that woman loves you, too. :)