Friday, June 20, 2014

Shirts, fences, work and stuff

I haven't spent much time on the computer lately. I'm sure there are things that have happened that I've forgotten about. Some that I can think of off the top of my head right now are...

I did finally get some work shirts that fit me. They are all short-sleeved polo shirts. One is gray, one bright green, one navy blue, and one light blue. They're okay, but I don't think they're exactly what I ordered. They also all say FWS, and they were supposed to say Dupont. But whatever. I don't know why I didn't get at least enough so I had one for every day of the week. Oh well.

We also had an employee party of sorts last night. Quaker Steak & Lube trades us gift cards for a storage unit, so I guess every now and then we have company parties there. It was me, Kyle, Karen, Sandi, Drew, Michael, and Thomas. Colin, John and Dylan weren't there. I had a Santa Fe Turkey Wrap, with chips. It was pretty good. They also have Sam Adams Rebel IPA on tap there. So I had that too. It was an okay time.

In other news... Drew Carrie are finally getting their fence up. They've been going to fence in the back yard ever since they bought their house. They went with a privacy fence. Drew and his dad and a friend of his dads are doing it. I think it will be really nice for the kids, and should add value to their house.

That's about all I can siphon from my brain at the moment. Yesterday was a hectic day at work. Lightning knocked out my system that runs all the codes for the doors and gates at work. Hopefully we will get the part today. In the meantime I had to unlock all the climate control buildings manually, and then explain to everyone why the doors were unlocked. Plus the usual daily stuff.

So, there ya go. Peace out; and in.

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