Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How I would run a business

Yes, I know I can be somewhat of an idealist at times... but I'd like to think you can still run a business in this country on the basis of: offering a quality product, treating people right, and excellent customer service. Certainly businesses in a capitalist society are geared towards making money, but I believe too many concentrate so much on the financial aspect that they fail to realize how the aforementioned factor into that. For instance, I think you CAN ask a decent price for something... IF you're offering a quality product, treating people right, and giving excellent customer service.

I like the company I work for, and I think most of the leaders would say they believe the same thing... but that's not always conveyed down the line. Sometimes it sounds like money is the sole concern. So you have to factor into any company how well the leadership clarifies and conveys their values.

Anyway, maybe I'm just a fool. I really have no experience in running a business. But I still want to believe in those three values.


MR said...

After hearing how well Joni's studio was doing, I asked if she was going to raise prices at any point. And she said no, she wouldn't. The name, "Seva" means "selfless service" and she gets a lot out of just helping people de-stress. It's something she can really feel good about.

But I am also thankful for those people out there who pour everything into growing their company like it's their child. I think a lot of people dismiss it as greed, but regardless of their motivation those companies that lose their Mom & Pop charm and go into the big leagues do so pulling their community with them. Bigger company, more people employed. So I try not to begrudge them their ambition. I can't even blame them for liking money, it's the people who like POWER that bug me.

I think you're right about earning a decent price on your product. I'd pay more for hardware in Waynedale given all the help.

I like to think I'd be like Joni, though. I'd want my business to pay for itself, then pay my bills, but I think contentment would come all too soon for me to want to create an empire. I would probably only end up employing ten people before I was satisfied.

JAH said...

I think it CAN be done. I always figured as long as we could eat and have a roof over our heads and help our kids do the same and still be generous with ourselves and our resources, life would be (and is) good.

MR said...

So is this something you've been considering? With a specific service or product?

dan horwedel said...

MR - I would love to have my own company. More of a small shop of some sort. But I don't have anything specific in mind.